All new buildings and major renovation projects on the George Washington University’s (GW) campuses are constructed to meet current accessibility standards. In addition, from time to time, GW conducts a review of its existing buildings to evaluate accessibility, as many of the university’s buildings pre-date the establishment of current accessibility standards.

During the summer of 2013, major (pre-1991) public buildings on all three campuses were surveyed to assess the physical accessibility of the facilities. In accordance with ADA Title III and 2010 ADA Standards, accessibility upgrades were categorized based upon the four priorities for barrier removal:

  • Priority 1 - Accessible approach and entrance
  • Priority 2 - Access to goods and services
  • Priority 3 - Access to public toilet rooms
  • Priority 4 - Access to other items such as drinking fountains and public telephones

Since that assessment, GW has implemented a variety of Priority 1 access projects on all three campuses. These projects include initiatives such as:

  • Directional signage to accessible entrances
  • Accessible routes, including ramps, to building entrances
  • ADA accessible parking spaces
  • Automatic door operators

The university will continue to implement accessibility enhancements to its buildings in future years until all prioritized projects are complete. And of course, all renovations and new construction projects will continue to be constructed in full compliance with the most current ADA standards.

Visit the Facilities Planning, Construction and Management website for additional information about GW's facilities.